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'''Tonia''' took part in [[Operation Revival]] and was one of the eight warriors of the [[6th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf-in-Exile) | 6th Jaguar Dragoons]] to survive [[Tukayyid]], but was declared ''solahma'' after the retreat. As part of the Dragoons she had piloted a ''[[Timber Wolf]]''.
After that and assigned the rank of [[Star Commander]], '''Tonia''' led Charlie Striker Star of [[Trinary]] Striker from the [[63rd Solahma Cluster (Clan Smoke Jaguar) | 63rd Solahma Cluster]] on [[Huntress]] in [[3060]]. At this time she was 39 years old and considered an ageing warrior of little worth. She piloted ''[[Javelin]]'' and later a captured ''[[Hermes II]]'' ‘Mech. Her Star spearheaded the successful raid on the factories of Pahn City on the 15 March [[3060]]; based on the plan that she had devised.<ref>''Shadows of War'', p. 34-43</ref>