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==Planetary History==
'''Huntress''' was the homeworld to [[Clan Smoke Jaguar]] and is located within the [[Kerensky Cluster]]. The planet boasts two continents, ''Jaguar Prime'' and ''Abysmal'' as well as two polar ice caps. Jaguar Prime is the larger and more hospitable of the two land masses and is the primary center of the planet's population. Abysmal is a smaller landmass with a harsh, desert climate. Abysmal is only periodically utilized for training purposes by the Smoke Jaguars. Prime's geography on the other hand is not uniform and varies from plains, patches of desert, and rainforests which often pose as harsh contrasts to each other. A host of mountains break up the continent, most notably the Jaguar's Fangs range (which includes Mt. Szabo) and the aptly-named Eastern Mountains. Bodies of water like the Black Shikari River, named after its uncharacteristically dark waters, Liberation Sea, and the expansive fens of the Dhuan Swamp also stretch across the landscape. Prime's climate ranges from temperate to tropical and is characterized by ubiquitous, grey clouds and occasional, fierce storms. Huntress also has a single moon, named 'Sentry'. The distance from the system's star to Huntress is roughly seven days at a standard 1G burn.{{cn}}