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Daniel Allard

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Early history
==Early history==
Attended [[New Avalon Military Academy]] where he became friends with [[Jacques de Gambier]], whos whose grandfather hsd had served in tge the same 'Mech unit as his own.<ref name=W:Rc25>''Warrior: Riposte'', c. 25</ref>
Dan was assigned to the Kell Hounds by [[Hanse Davion]]<ref>''Warrior: Riposte'', p. 42 - "Morgan hands letter from Hanse Davion on his assignment to the Kell Hounds"</ref> for his six year assignment in [[3015]].<ref>''Warrior: En Garde'', p. 26 - "Dan reflects it had been only eleven years since he joined the Kell Hounds (in 3026)".</ref>
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