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Hunter (JumpShip class)

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A scout [[JumpShip]] to seek out enemy fleets or explore new systems, the ''Hunter'' was designed by [[Clan]] [[Ghost Bear]] shortly after the founding of the Clans. It shares the best features of the ''[[Scout]]'' and ''[[Magellan]]'' classes: Like the former, it is small and stealthy, with a tiny emergence signature; like the latter, it is also equipped with a [[HPG]] to send messages over a distance of up to 50 lightyears. Like the other two designs, it is capable of prolonged independent operation; however, it also shares the lack of a [[grav deckGrav Deck]], a drawback that requires the ship to spend fuel on thrust to generate gravity through acceleration (or risk deteriorating health and morale among the crew) and drastically shortens the actual time period until the ship requires refueling.