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Emi Kurita

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When she was officially granted the title of Keeper of House Honor, when she was twenty-three, she provided both her father and brother wise counsel. Despite her father's not caring for what others thought, she did worry about public opinion and went about mitigating the worst of the gossip.<ref name=ER3145></ref>
===Attempted Assassination===
Emi was able to narrowly escape an assassination attempt on her life after finding out about a conspiracy against the ruling Kurita family. Since both her parents and brothers were dead, she had no choice but to seek asylum with the [[Clan Nova Cat|Nova Cats]] who harbored loyalty to her family and not the "puppet" Coordinator [[Yori Kurita]]. While hiding within the protection of the Nova Cats, she went on a personal mission to conceive a child to continue the true line of Kurita blood.