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The Killing Fields

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{{quote|''In hope of salvaging the embattled worlds of the renegade [[St. Ives Compact]], [[Chancellor]] [[Sun-Tzu Liao]] has launched a war that stretches far beyond the scope of military conquest. His mission: reunite St. Ives with his own [[Capellan Confederation]]. But after months of combat extend into years, the smash-and-destroy tactics have turned the crippled Compact into a bloody wasteland—and the Chancellor's costly victory into a virtual deathwatch.''
''For the warriors of [[Warrior House Hiritsu|House Hiritsu]], and for the Capellan and Compact soldiers on the '[[Mech]]-shredded front lines Sun-Tzu's noble crusade has become a nightmare. And now, with his dream of glory slipping away, the Chancellor will make one last desperate gamble—a final solution to regain total control of a [[Capellan Civil War|civil war]] exploding out of control. No matter what the cost.''}}
== Summary ==