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To-do list
==To-do list==
:''(This is more for my own reference- but feel free to jump in.)''
*The careless mass-use of the "Update needed" tag irks me. [[:Category:Sources needing updates]] needs to be worked down.
*[[:Category:Pages with reference errors]] needs to be worked down.
*Fix personal arms article structure, merge sub-articles into coherent articles for each item, do away with templates being used (e.g. [[Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)/RPG4e‎]], [[:Template:Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)]])
*Merge all content from [[Optional Fate]] article into the respective character/source articles and remove the Optional Fate article (and all links and redirects)
*<s>[[Duncan Fisher]]</s> / Create a section in merc unit articles listing any known DropShips and JumpShips associated with a given unit*[[George Ledoux]]article
*[[Eleuthera Meriba]] / [[Meriba]] system article(s)
*[[Ronin (Faction)]] article
*<s>Revamp Essays category tree, separate [[BattleTech Essays]] from [[BattleTechWiki Essays]]</s> done
*[[Essay: BattleTech in Germany]]
*[[Essay: BattleTech Astrogation]]
*[[Essay: WarShip Art]]
*<s>[[Essay: SLDF Naval Doctrine]]</s> done
*<s>[[Essay: JumpShip distribution]]</s> done
*[[Essay: FASAnomics]]
*[[FanPro Novels]]
*<s>[[Green Ghosts]] article needs to be written</s> done
*<s>[[LinkNet]] master article needs to be written</s> done
*[[List of Battledroids]] - some, but not all, of the BattleMech precursors were canonized, and some queer Battledroid miniatures exist (some even without published stats). [ Reference link on HMP forum]
*[[List of BattleTech articles in magazines]] (based off [,437.0.html this thread])
*<s>[[List of BattleTech novels]] update</s> (well, it's a neverending project...)
*[[List of German BattleTech novels]] update
*[[FanPro Novels]]
*[[List of Hidden Worlds]] & merge [[The Five]] into this new list article
*[[List of MilSpecs articles]]
*<s>Sort through [[:Category:Short Stories]] and remove those which aren't short stories after all</s> done
*<s>[[:Template:ApocryphalProduct]] needs to be reviewed and probably rewritten, judging by the misunderstanding the wording caused with Objective Raids and other products following Herb's "secondary sources" comment; see [[User talk:BrokenMnemonic/2012 Archive#Secondary Canon]].</s> done
*<s>[[Unseen]] article needs a workover</s> (I think it's okay for the time being.)