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Long Range Missile

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Variants: Added note about ATM according to TO errata.
Long Range Missile technology has been expanded upon since it was first introduced, especially in the years since the [[Clan Invasion]] spurred weapons designers on both sides. These include [[Extended LRM|Extended]], [[Enhanced LRM|Enhanced]], and [[Streak]] LRMs, as well as scaled-down [[battle armor]] versions.
Nearly all LRM types (and [[ATM]] types, according to [[errata]]) can be "hot loaded", implying that their warheads and guidance systems are armed, even as they sit in the ammo stores of the vehicle. This effectively eliminates the minimum range issue that Inner Sphere LRM missiles have, but at a cost of accuracy.  ===Hot Loading Rules===For [[CBT]] play roll 3D6 dice, and use the lowest two results for the cluster hit table. Ammo hot loaded this way is armed in the tube, and will explode if the tubes are hit for their full damage value, while also being quite likely to chain react into the ammo stores for the 'Mech (on a roll of less than 6). They also have a +1 to hit modifier.<ref>Tactical Handbook p. 48 Hot Loading LRMS</ref>