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*3070-3080s - Khanate and Aimag formations begin to appear with modified WarShips at their core. They begin roving to render aid to worlds left isolated due to Blakist attacks.
*[[3097]] - [[Clan Wolf]] forces in the [[Feltre]] Star System attack the Swimmer Khanate's Beta Aimag, which consisted consist of two JumpShips and its their attendant flotilla of DropShips. The Wolves believed they could over-power overpower the Aimag's [[clusterCluster]] size sized force. They send a deploy an aerospace-heavy-aerospace force against Beta's troops, who easily defeat them. The Beta's adeptly defended themselves and Wolves easily defeated without securing Wolf force is unable to capture a single shipbelonging to the Aimag.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] Clan Sea Fox article ''Sean Lasko, PhD article"</ref> Later that year, Clan Sea Fox disbatched dispatches two entire Khanate Khanates and a [[Galaxy ]]'s worth of troops to assault the Wolves of on Feltre. The assault destroyed destroys two Clusters of Clan Wolf troops. Clan Sea Fox's were uninterested leaves the planet after the battle, displaying no interest in claiming the planet and leftFeltre for themselves. However, the Clan Wolf traders suffered from suffer a 200 percent price increase for in their dealings with Clan Sea Fox dealssubsequently.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - Clan Sea Fox article - Mentioned in sub-article ''—Sean Lasko, PhD, Professor of Clan Society and Politics, University of Thorin"</ref>
*[[3100]] - Clan Diamond Shark formally changes its name to Clan Sea Fox.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - Clan Sea Fox article.</ref>
*[[3134]] - [[ovKhan ]] [[Sha Clarke]], commander of [[Beta Aimag (Spina Khanate)|Beta Aimag ]] of the [[Spina Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)|Spina Khanate]] attempts to spinter off secede with his Khanate by having [[Clan Jade Falcon ]] forces assasinate assassinate Khan Mori [[Hawker(Bloodname)|Hawker]]. However, ovKhan [[Petr Kalasa]] of [[Delta Aimag (Spina Khanate)|Delta Aimag ]] and rest of the Khanate succeeds finding successfully thwarts the Khan and protecting himattempted assasination.
*[[3137]] - Delta Aimag of the Spina Khanate bargins negotiates a deal with "Clan" [[Spirit Cats]] to co-own jointly control the world of [[Marik]], which becomes newest of the 'clearing-house worlds’.<ref>[[Pandora's Gambit]] page 97 - [[Spirit Cats|The Spirit Cats]] bargain with Sea Foxes for help securing the planet as safe haven for the them.</ref>
*[[3138]] - Delta Aimag helps to create and becomes the governing power of the [[Clan Protectorate]] in the old [[Free Worlds League]].
===Culture & Characteristics===
Sea Fox clansman have an uncanny sense of smell due to their the near -sterile space environment they live in space.<ref>[[Hunters of the Deep]] pg. 57 - Petr Kalasa picks up scents in Merchant House on [[Adhafera]].</ref> Thus they They are able to smell a wide variety of scents. It should be noted, that they sometimes find [[Inner Sphere ]] odors rather offensive sometimes.
Despite the Clan's nomad like nomadic existence in the Inner Sphere, the Clan's their solidarity continues to keeps the Clan whole socially.
Many of the Warriors of the Clan have been trained to be as much like merchants as possible in order to understand the ramifications of actions and deals. Thou with Clan is known to be Despite making it appear that the warriors are more "Bargain bargainers first", they are still very much fearless Clan warriors.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - Clan Sea Fox article - Mentioned in sub-article ''—Sean Lasko, PhD, Professor of Clan Society and Politics, University of Thorin"</ref>
The Due to the relative independence of individual Aimags isolations, and their isolation from one another, they can sometimes seen be perceived as sub-Clans, however . However they remain largely synchronized with entire Clan.
===Clan Sea Fox Fleet Structure===
The Sea Foxes are primarily a space-bound community. After the Jihad, their vessels were reorganized into two types of Fleet. These Fleets are divided in a manner similar to the Galaxies and Clusters of other Clans. However, these divisions are not strictly military formations, since they contain substantial civilian elements as well.
The Sea Fox are primary space-bound community. Since their fleet since after the Jihad, has been reorganized into is organized in two types of Fleet. These Fleets are divided not unlike Clan Galaxy's and Clusters. However, these are not strictly military formations, these are merchant fleets: Khanates & Aimags.
Clan's fleet is organized in two types of fleets: Khanate & Aimag.  Each of the five autonomous Khanates, four of the five is lead by a [[saKhan]], except for the [[ilKhanate (Clan Sea Fox)|ilKhanate]], which is the Khan's personal Khanate.<ref>''[[Hunters of the Deep]] rear cover of book</ref>
The Khanate is largest formation, which consists of five attending Aimag Jumpship fleets.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - Sea Fox Clan - "Khanate has five attendant JumpShip fleets (Aimag)"</ref>
Most Khanate Khanates & their Amiga's Aimags bid for and fought to acquire for over specific regions of space - Worlds worlds each Aimag & Khanate would use to further its their revenue, honor, and glory for the Clan.<ref>[[Hunters of the Deep]] pg. 185 - How Khanate & Aimag formations function.</ref> There are five Khanate - Spina, Skate, Tiburon, Fox, and the ilKhanate<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - Clan Sea Fox section</ref>
Each of the There are five autonomous Khanates- Spina, [[Skate Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)|Skate]], four of the five is lead by a saKhan[[Tiburon Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)|Tiburon]], [[Fox Khanate (Clan Sea Fox)|Fox]], except for and the ilKhanate, which is the Khan's personal Khanate.<ref>''[[Hunters of Touring the DeepStars]] rear cover of book- Clan Sea Fox section</ref>
The ilKhanate acts as a an oversight government, with the fleet does not have set destinationmoving at will. IlKhanate It is the home of the Khan and [[Alpha Council]]. The ilKhanate checks on the activities of the other Khanates, collecting ten percent of the Clan's due.<ref>[[Hunters of the Deep]] pg. 185 - Explanation of how Sea Foxe's ilKhanate operates.</ref> The Khan 's flagship, is referred to as the ilArcShip<ref>''[[Hunters of the Deep]] 262 - ilArcShip mentioned</ref>.
These are the smaller of the Clan Sea Fox formations. The Aimag is commanded by a [[ovKhan]], who oversees all enclaves, business interaction with worlds, setting up colonies, fleet operations and the maintenance thereof.
Smaller of the two merchant fleets of the Clan Sea Fox formations. The fleet is commanded by a [[ovKhan]], who oversees all enclaves; Business interaction with worlds; setting up colonies & fleet operations and its maintenance. There are five Aimag Aimags per Khanate. Each is named after one of the first five letters of the Greek alphabet: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Epsilon.
Sea Foxes generally deploy their Aimag Aimags individually in a wide spans area and not in close proximatiy proximaty to each other in order to maximize the rewards of getting economic deals cut between worlds.
On occasion occasions when Aimag Aimags do meet, they conduct various rituals and trials such as: Live Fire Training Excerises ([[Ritual of Combat]]), and [[Bloodright Trials]], etc. The frequency Aimag meet can be measured by It is not unusual for yearsto pass between meetings of Aimags..<ref>[[Hunters of the Deep]] pg. 100 - Petr thinks of infrequency of Aimag encounter.</ref>
Aimag Aimags compete against one another for mining rights, creating the creation of colonies, setting enclaves, etc.
Each Aimag tries win profit & glory as well as honor to their deeds.