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Trillian Steiner-Davion

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Since her taking of the throne, Trillian has ruffled the feathers of the [[Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces]] commanding officers with her decisions of amputating parts of the empire in order to ensure the survival of the Commonwealth.<ref name=ER3145></ref>
== Position Titles and Positions== 
{{s-bef|before=[[Melissa Steiner (32nd c.)|Melissa Steiner]]}}
{{s-title|title=[[Archon ]] of the Lyran Commonwealth|years=[[3143]]-????}}
== Bibliography ==
* ''[[Blood of the Isle]]'' (novel) - first appearance * ''[[Era Report: 3145]]''* ''[[Fire at Will]]'' (novel)* ''[[Fortress Republic]]'' (novel)
* ''[[Sword of Sedition]]'' (novel)
* ''[[Fortress Republic]]'' (novel)
* ''[[Fire at Will]]'' (novel) - first featured appearance
* ''[[The Last Charge]]'' (novel)
* ''[[Era Report: 3145]]''
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[[Category:Archons|Steiner, Trillian]]