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Description: English
The vehicle first appeared in combat on [[Wasat]] in [[3077]]<ref name="JHS:Tp44">''Jihad Hot Spots: Terra'', p. 44, "Wasat Falls" - Year of liberation of Wasat noted.</ref> as the ''Palmoni'' AIFV. The vehicle came as a surprise to the Allied Coalition. However, it was not popular with Coalition forces and vehicles were usually left behind for new planetary militias to use. With formation of the [[Republic of the Sphere]], the vehicle's makers decided to rebrand it as a bid for the Republic's need for a Battle Armor Transport vehicle.<ref name="TRO:3085p46+"/>
The Trajan's selling point is its large 8 ton Infantry Transport Bay, which allows the largest of Battle Armor to be moved into the position with some ease. The vehicle is protected by 13.5 tons of standard armor to insure its cargo and crew get to its destination intact. The ''Trajan'' features a [[C3 Slave Unit|C3 Slave Computer]] and [[Guardian ECM]] to bolster its usefulness on the battlefield.<ref name="TRO:3085p46+"/>
== Weapons and Equipment ==