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352nd Assault (Clan Wolf)

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===[[Operation Revival]]===
The 352nd fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the [[Inner Sphere]].

====Wave Two====
The 352nd made their first contribution to Operation Revival on [[Csesztreg]] in May [[3050]]. [[Trinary|Trinaries]] Command and [[Elemental]] faced the defending First and Second Csesztreg Militia Mechanized Infantry [[Regiment]]s at the Battle of Annick Woods. This action caused so much damage to the defending forces that the planetary government surrendered soon after.

====Wave Three====
On 1 July 3050, the 352nd joined [[Alpha Galaxy (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)|Alpha Galaxy]]'s [[4th Wolf Guards (Clan Wolf-in-Exile)|Fourth Wolf Guards]] and [[279th Battle (Clan Wolf)|279th Battle]] [[Cluster]] in the invasion of [[Rasalhague]]. The Fourth was assigned to attack Asgard, the new capital city that was still under construction. This was part of Khan Ulric Kerensky's (ultimately successful) plan to manipulate Elected Prince Haakon Magnusson into fleeing the planet. Meanwhile, the 352nd landed on the far southern continent of Hammerfest where they engaged the [[3rd Freemen|Third Freemen]] and its supporting units who defended the industrial center of Ymir. The 352nd pushed the attack relentlessly, and Ymir fell on July 13, with the remnants of the Third Freemen that had not escaped surrendering shortly thereafter.

Once the Elected Prince had escaped, and the other target cities had been taken, the 279th and the 352nd joined the Fourth in positions facing the capital of Reykjavik. After the defenders refused to surrender, the Clan Wolf forces assaulted the city on July 15. The battle was extremely brutal and lasted two days, but Clan Wolf emerged victorious.

====Wave Four====
The 352nd would meet the Third Freemen again, in September 3050 on [[Kandis]]. There, the Freemen and the local First and Second Kandis Mechanized [[Brigade]]s scattered throughout the the planet's main continent, using hit-and-run tactics to harry the Wolf Force, which included Trinaries Command and Assault and [[Binary]] Elemental from the 352nd, as well as the [[Silver Keshik (Clan Wolf)|Silver Keshik]]. The Wolves countered by attacking the defenders' command and communications structures.

====Wave Five====
In November [[3051]], the whole of Beta Galaxy landed on [[Severn]]. They faced the [[25th Arcturan Guards|Twenty-fifth Arcturan Guards RCT]], which was led by a veteran of the [[Fourth Succession War]] and the [[War of 3039]]. The first few battles were inconclusive, due in part to the Arcturan Guards imposing themselves aggressively on the Wolf forces. Finally, the [[3rd Battle (Clan Wolf)|Third Battle]] Cluster found a weak point in the Guards' lines, and exploited it. Following this event, the Arcturan Guard had to go on the defensive, and eventually retreated off world to Colmar.

The following month saw Beta Galaxy fighting the [[27th Lyran Guards|Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards RCT]] on two separate worlds, first on [[Kobe]] and then on [[Thun]]. On Kobe, the Guards were reinforced by the First and Second Kobe Mechanized Brigades. Beta managed to kill the commander of the Twenty-sixth, [[Hauptmann General]] Joy Corelli in the first battle. Her replacement, [[Leftenant General]] Jinders Green-Davion managed to stabilize the situation, but was forced to conclude that the Guards were too damaged to hold Kobe. He then made the decision to retreat to Thun.

Beta Galaxy followed the Guards to Thun, where [[Khan]] Radick's impatience led him to order high-risk missions to try to decapitate the Guards' command structure. An initial push by Elemental Headhunter [[Star]]s failed, and Khan Radick personally led a low-level drop to finally decide the issue, pushing the Guards into an off-world retreat.

The 352nd's final action of Wave Five was fought on [[Domain]] in January [[3052]], against the [[mercenary]] [[Knights of St. Cameron|First Knights of St. Cameron]], who were backing up the First and Second Domain Militia Brigades. The battle was most notable for the disappearance of the Knights after the battle, who did not retreat off-world, but who were not heard of again.


===Refusal War===

As of [[3052]] the Commanding Officer was [[Star Colonel]] Erik [[Kerensky (Bloodname)|Kerensky]], a [[sibkin]] of [[Ulric Kerensky]].


* '''Trinary Command''' (3 [[OmniMech]] Stars)
* '''Trinary Assault''' (3 OmniMech Stars)
* '''Trinary Battle''' (3 OmniMech Stars)
* '''Trinary Striker''' (3 OmniMech Stars)
* '''Binary Elemental''' (2 Elemental Stars)
* '''Rogue Fighter Star''' (1 [[OmniFighter]] Star)


*[[Wolf Clan Sourcebook]]

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