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7th Battle (Clan Wolf)

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| nickname =The Hungry Wolves (3052)
| parent formation = [[Gamma Galaxy (Clan Wolf)|Gamma Galaxy]]
| formed =
===[[Operation Revival]]===
The Seventh Battle [[Cluster]] fought on the following worlds during the invasion of the [[Inner Sphere]]:
* [[Crellacor]]
====Wave One====
* [[Balsta]]
* [[Skallevoll]]
====Wave Three====
* [[Vantaa]]
====Wave Four====
* [[Basiliano]]
====Wave Five====
* [[Maestu]]
* [[Skandia]]
* [[Weingarten]]
===[[Refusal War]]===
===Invasion of the Republic===
The unit was part of the [[Clan Wolf Invasion of the Republic (3137)|Clan Wolf invasion of Prefecture IX]] to ultimately capture [[Terra]]. The unit commander bidded against Star Colonel Edward's [[3rd Battle (Clan Wolf)|Third Battle Cluster]] for right to conqueror [[Alkalurops]].
As of 3067 the commanding officer is was [[Star Colonel]] Dirk [[Radick(Bloodname)|Radick]]
During Operation Revival, the Seventh was commanded by Star Colonel Carmin [[Winson (Bloodname)|Winson]]
===3052===* '''[[Trinary]] Command''' (3 [[OmniMech]] [[Star]]s)* '''Trinary Battle''' (3 OmniMech Stars)* '''Trinary Striker''' (3 OmniMech Stars)* '''Trinary [[Elemental]]''' (3 Elemental Stars)* '''Trinary Fighter''' (3 [[OmniFighter]] Stars)
Duing the invasion of 3137, [[Star Colonel]] Hestia had bidded bid on behalf of the unitSeventh, but it was unclear if the she was the actual Cluster commander of the unit. At the time, it appear appeared that Star Colonels were command galaxiescommanded Galaxies.
*[[Field Manual: Updates]]
*[[Masters of War|MWDA Novel: Masters of War]]
*[[Wolf Clan Sourcebook]]
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