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Clan Sea Fox

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====Sea Fox Ships====
Mother ships of the Clan Sea Foxes are Fox uses heavily-modified former Warships were build during the age WarShips as mother ships and bases of the [[Star League]]operation. These fall into two categories, known as '''CargoShips''' and '''ArcShips'''. Both types of large ships in service with typically retain their Interplanetary drives, however they . However these are rarely used due to the structural changes caused by the refits to that created the CargoShips & and ArcShips. These ships have had their The changes include the removal of armor and weaponry removed in order to allow them to roam both the Clan Occupational Zones and Great Houses Inner Sphere freely.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] Clan Sea Fox article</ref>
*'''CargoShip''' - They These are redesigned Warships WarShips which have been reconfigured to become dedicated roving, long-term habitats and mobile supply stations. These ships are part of the typical core of a typical Aimag fleet.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - information regarding CargoShips & ArcShips.</ref> They have gutted Gutted DropShips (typically [[Behemoth]] Class shipsclass), are permanently attached to attached to the hull of the these ships.
*'''ArcShips''' - These are redesigned Warships which have been reconfigured to be societal points of congress and house the core governmental structures for the entire Clan.<ref>[[Touring the Stars]] - information regarding CargoShips & ArcShips.</ref> They generally have extensive been extensively modified to add habitats in both in their former cargo bays and covering as well as along the outer hullshull. ArcShips have been are typically former [[Potemkin]] Class [[WarShip|WarShips]], which have been extensively lengthenlengthened, widenwidened, and given increased in mass. Among the largest ArcShips is the [[Poseidon]], which was expanded grew in mass to 2.5 Million tons.<ref>[[Hunters of the Deep]] pg. 169 - Petr describing the changes of the Poseidon.</ref>
Apart from the two specialized classes of ships, the Sea Foxes possess an extensive Jumpship fleet consisting of both Inner Sphere and Clan built designs. The Sea Foxes have former military DropShips which have been converted to serve as cargo haulers, with which retain some military capacities. These vessels demilitarized [[DropShips]]capability. A common DropShip to be seen in Sea Fox service is the De-militarized [[Overlord-C]] Class Dropships which are primary used primarily as cargo hauling vesselshaulers. The ship has only one [[BattleMech ]] bay for with a capacity of one [[Trinary (15) ]] of 'Mechs/vehiclesor Combat Vehicles.
====Known ArcShips & CargoShips====