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To-do list
==To-do list==
:''(This is more for my own reference - but feel free to jump inon any of these projects.)''
*The careless mass-use of the "Update needed" tag irks me. [[:Category:Sources needing updates]] needs to be worked down.
*[[:Category:Pages with reference errors]] needs to be worked down.
*Merge all content from [[Optional Fate]] article into the respective character/source articles and remove the Optional Fate article (and all links and redirects)
*Create a section in merc unit articles listing any known DropShips and JumpShips associated with a given unit
*[[BatteTech (boardgame)]]
*[[BattleTech rulebooks]]
*[[George Ledoux]] article
*[[Eleuthera Meriba]] / [[Meriba]] system article(s)