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Omega Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)

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Raised in 3010 with [[BattleMechs]] from the final secret exchange between [[Clan Blood Spirit]] and [[Clan Snow Raven]]. Remained the smallest front-line Galaxy in Clan Blood Spirit until after the [[Burrock Absorption]], when Omega took in units and warriors from other destroyed Galaxies like [[Pi Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Pi]], [[Kappa Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Kappa]] and [[Mu Provisional Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Mu]].
During the Burrock Absorption, Omega garrisoned the Blood Spirit Enclave on [[Arcadia]], where they fought [[Clan Star Adder]]'s [[Mu Provisional Galaxy (Clan Star Adder)|Mu Galaxy]] who attacked them in retaliation for the Blood Spirit's interference in the Trial. The battles there reduced Omega to less than a [[Cluster]] in strength.