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Burrock Absorption

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==Enter Clan Blood Spirit==
As the official Absorption Trial got underway, Clan Blood Spirit launched its own attack on Clan Burrock forces, committing some seventy percent of their Touman to the conflict.Khans Schmitt and Keller expected the Trial to break down into a series of three-cornered contests that they could take advantage of.However, with the exception of the action on Dagda, Burrock and Star Adder troops joined forces in the face of the new threat and defeated the Spirit units. To Albion, the Blood Spirits assigned three Galaxies, including [[Alpha Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Alpha]] and [[Kappa Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Kappa]]. On Priori, the Blood Spirit task force included [[Beta Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Beta]], [[Delta Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Delta]] and [[Pi Galaxy (Clan Blood Spirit)|Pi]] Galaxies.
==Conduct of the Absorption Campaign==