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The [[Inner Sphere]] with a combination of Operations Bulldog and Serpent annihilated the Smoke Jaguar Clan and seized their Homeworld. This included the systematic destruction of every war-making industry, military base, and any monuments to the achievements of the Smoke Jaguar Clan. After the [[Great Refusal]] was won, the Inner Sphere held the Homeworld at least in part as a permanent outpost in Clan Space, where a [[Star League]] ambassador was stationed.{{cn}}
However, the star League enclave only was Lootera and the surrounding area: the rest of the world was leaved free, and was taken by other clans. Some wanted the planet's resources, others only obtain the [[ProtoMech]] technology. The Abysmal continent was taken by clan Goliath Scorpion until 3067, and other areas by clans [[Coyote]] and [[Star AdderAdders]].
==Military Deployment==