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St. Ives Mounted Guard

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== History ==
The '''St. Ives Mounted Guard''' was one of a number of regional military units active within the [[St. Ives Mercantile League]] prior to the formation of the [[Capellan Confederation]] in the mid-[[twenty-fourth century]]. When the [[Capellan Hussars]] [[brigade]] was established shortly after the founding of the Confederation, each regiment within the Hussars was chosen to reflect a particular Commonality. The Guard was merged with two other regional commands from within the former League, the [[Knights of Glamorgan]] and the [[Royalston Cavaliers]], to create a new command to represent the [[St. Ives Commonality]]: [[Gryff's Hussars]].<ref name="FR:CCAF2765p7">''Field Report: 2765 Capellan Confederation'', p. 7, "Capellan Hussars"</ref>
<!-- Commented out due to lack of information== Officers =={{sectionstub}| class="wikitable"|- ! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Rank! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Name! scope="col" width="220" style="background: #dedede;" | Command|-| colspan="4" style="background: #efefef;" | '''Commanding Officers of the St. Ives Mounted Guard'''|-|}
== Tactics ==
== Composition History ==
== Rules ==
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== Bibliography ==
* ''[[Field Report 2765: Capellan Confederation]]''
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