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The Last Charge

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Summary: Cleanup
This is the second half of the Steiner/Wolf invasion called by the Lyrans as [[Operation Hammerfall]]. The book concentrates on [[Anson Marik]] flight to keep his nation together and fight off the invasion using his greatest achievement, the recreated [[Silver Hawk Irregulars]]. However, its dying effort, failure after failure. Anson's fiery personality become troublesome to manage with his surrounding people including his chief tactical adviser [[Cole Daggert]].
Also, the story of [[Trillian Steiner-Davion|Trillian Steiner]] continues, detailing her duties trying to control the course of the war against the [[Free Worlds League]]. As she tries to keep in check the powerful and power hungry [[Vedet Brewster|Duke Vedet]] leading Lyran military campaign and the newly arrived [[Star Colonel]] [[Alaric Wolf]] and his Cluster of [[Clan Wolf]] warriors joining the invasion of League. Two powerful men not able to work together has are making things it difficult for her Trillian to keep the coalition force from destroying itself.
== Featured characters ==