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To-do list
*[[BattleTech]] article needs to be updated and expanded
*check [ this list] of reportedly misplaced systems on Sarna and apply corrections
*[[Policy:Notability]] needs a rewrite, with an eye particularly to "Notable 'Mechs and MechWarriors" (an issue that keeps popping up); also, Sarna needs to make some style and structure decisions regarding the coverage of military units and when to use, or not use, categories. Need to find out what policies these issues affect.
*Fix personal arms article structure, merge sub-articles into coherent articles for each item, do away with templates being used (e.g. [[Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)/RPG4e‎]], [[:Template:Auto-Pistol (Hawk Eagle)]])
*[[:Category:Game Aids]] and [[:Category:CBT Tactics]] look poorly defined and need a serious cleanup.