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Talk:22nd Smoke Jaguar Freebirth Cluster

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quote from Ask the Writers in which Paul says this unit is in error.
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== Error in Luthien scenario book ==
{{Quote|The 22nd Smoke Jaguar Freebirth Cluster is mentioned in the battle of Luthien scenario pack.<br>
Later sources indicate the Smoke Jaguars didn't let Freeborns into the warrior caste.<br>
Also, this was in the Luthien Scenario pack, and... well... it says a lot of things.<br>
Did the 22nd Smoke Jaguar Freebirth Cluster actually exist? Might the Smoke Jaguars have experimented with Freeborn warriors and then ditch the idea because of how badly Luthien went? Maybe the cluster existed and was full of trueborns, but... like, trueborns the Smoke Jaguars really really didn't like?<br>
Or was it just a case of the Luthien scenario pack said it and... well... the Luthien scenario pack said a lot of things...|[,65219.msg1205293.html#msg1500207 Liam's Ghost, Ask The Writers Forum, 27 Apr 2019]}}
{{Quote|Error.|[,65219.msg1205293.html#msg1500246 Paul, BattleTech Volunteer, 28 Apr 2019]}}