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Julian Tiepolo

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Primus of ComStar
===Primus of ComStar===
Tiepolo's rule of Comstar was later considered by Hanse Davion as peaceful and neutral... at least compared with his succesorsuccessor. However, his protege [[Vesar Kristofur]], [[Precentor ROM]], instigated a civil War in League of the Free Worlds, League manipulating [[Anton Marik]]throughout the civil war with his brother Janos. This was part of a plot with had two objectives: first, damage the economy of the League to help rebalance re-balance the [[C-Bill]], ; and two, an most important, importantly uncover the truth behind the mysterious origins of [[Wolf's Dragoons]]. He have Precentor ROM Kristofur found a lead to point to a connection between the mercenary group and the SLDF army of Kerenskythat left after the Amaris Crisis to parts unknown.But However, his plan backfired, and Tiepolo stripped Kristofur of his rank and exiled it him from the Inner Sphere.Some point later, During this time or shortly after the young Precentor Dieron Myndo Waterly tried to become Tiepolo's consort, probably to influence and . Her intentions were unknown but she might have sought manipulate itthe Primus, but he refusedher affections. The Spurned by the Primus the hostility of ambitious Myndo Precentor Waterly escalated, arriving to his apex . It reached its peak during the [[4th Succession War]], where when she accused to Tiepolo of every security leak in on Terra. The aging Tiepolo, during a meeting with the First Circuit members, was shocked when Mindo Myndo revealed than that a copy of the Helm Memory core was in [[NAIS]], in on New Avalon. When Myndo proposed to attack and destroy the NAIS, Tiepolo was to oppose... opposed the plan but he can't: he suffered a massive heart attackduring the meeting. The question crisis was voted on while he was in the hospital, winning the yes option, but and carried however the attack failed, being annihilated the attacking troops, posting ComGuards posing as [[Death Commandos]]were completely annihilated by Hanse Davion in the ensuing battle.
===Death and Legacy===
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