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Daniel Allard

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Early history: Condense history enter, needs to be expanded.
==Early history==
Dan was assigned to Kell Hounds by [[Hanse Davion]]<ref>'''Warrior: Riposte''' page 42 - Morgan hands letter from Hanse Davion on his assignment to the Kell Hounds</ref> for his six year assignment in [[3015]].<ref>'''Warrior: En Garde''' page 26 - Dan reflects it had been only eleven years since he joined the Kell Hounds (in 3026).</ref>
After events of Kell Hound's battle on [[Mallory's World]] in [[3016]], he found himself holding the unit together after [[Morgan Kell]] broke up the Hounds to Battlallion size.<ref>'''Warrior: Riposte''' page 52 - Daniel tells Morgan Kell hurt he inflicted on him.</ref>
==Condense History==
Originally piloting a ''[[Valkyrie]]'', after its destruction he received a prototype ''[[Wolfhound]]'' which became Allard's signature [['Mech]]. Dan continued to pilot one despite rising to command of the Kell Hounds, until his death on [[Graceland]] in [[3069]] during combat against [[Clan Jade Falcon]].