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Fast Reload [BT]: Added fine manipulators quirk.
: '''Points:''' 1
:'''Applicable to:''' AeroSpace Fighters, BattleMechs, Battle Armor, Combat Vehicles, Small Craft and Support Vehicles.<ref name=SOp194/>
===='''Fine Manipulators''' [BMM]====
: Some specific 'Mechs with this quirk may also be allowed to mount manipulators normally reserved for vehicles. These additional manipulators can be mounted in all torso/arm locations on a 'Mech with no weight cost. <ref>''BattleMech Manual'' pg. 84, ''Design Quirks''</ref>
: '''Points:''' 0
:'''Applicable to:''' BattleMechs
===='''Hyper-Extending Actuators''' [BT, AS]====