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Oriente Protectorate

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Another part of her plan was establishing positive relations with other states that had once been a part of the League, namely the [[Duchy of Tamarind-Abbey]] and the [[Duchy of Andurien]]. Her relations with Andurien went sour in [[3138]] after ejection of her daughter Julietta. Secretly [[Republic of the Sphere]] Ghost Knight, slipped false information to Oriente SAFE agent. Lady Jessica, disbatched the Eagle's Talon to destroy reported Mech assembly facility in former Breezeway factory. After attacking and strong resistence, the undercover agents of the [[Republic of the Sphere|ROTS]] set off a explosive device which released deadly Nuclear/Toxic explosion that poisoned most of the planet and wiping out the Eagles. This action successfully implicated Oriente in being wrong doers. This event, triggered what became the [[5th Andurien War|Andurien War]] between two former Free World League states.
After end of the war, Lady Jessica brings together various factions within the former league and convinces them to reform Free Worlds League under her leadership. Her new husband, [[Thaddeus Marik II|Thaddeus Marik]] leads a military coalition to retake [[Atreus]] from [[Regulan Regulus Fief]] in [[Operation Homecoming]].
On July 3rd [[3139]], Lady Jessica sworn in as [[Captain-General]] of the (new) Free Worlds League.