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Jonathan Cameron

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Jonathan became increasingly distracted from day to day affairs, refusing to authorise SLDF defensive actions to curb the [[Second Hidden War]] that broke out in 2725. SLDF Commanding General [[Ikolor Fredasa]] approached Jonathan's sister [[Jocasta Cameron]] in an attempt to replace him but she revealed the prospective coup. Simultaneously a civil war broke out within the Free Worlds League, but Jonathan once again declined to intervene.
Nonetheless, the coup convinced Jonathan to accept Jocasta's advice and he appointed [[Rebecca Fetladral]] as the new commanding general and authorised the SLDF to intervene in the Second Hidden War. This was too late to save the First Prince, [[Joseph Davion]], who was killed on [[Royal]] before the [[160th BattleMech DivisonDivision]] could arrive.
Jonathan offered to stand down in favour of Jocasta, who declined as she was a cloistered nun. She remained his advisor and effective co-ruler while [[Simon Cameron]] became Director-General in 2734. Within a year, Jocasta was First Lord in all but name with Jonathan's health declining and his remaining years devoted to funding hospitals and overseeing humanitarian work. He died in 2738.