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1st Kathil Uhlans

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| parent formation = [[AFFS]]
| formed = [[3029]]
| year = 30663062
| unitname = 1st Kathil Uhlans
Formed in [[3029]] out from elements of a training cadre the [[Davion Light Guards]] and the remnants of two demolished destroyed regiments, the '''1st Kathil Uhlans''' were one of the [[Federated Suns]]' most respected units, serving with distinction in from the [[Fourth Succession War]] until their effective destruction during [[Task Force Serpent|Operation Serpent]]. Even after he assumed command of the [[AFFC]] as whole, the Uhlans were considered the personal unit of [[Morgan Hasek-Davion]], their first Commanding Officer.
They were formed Raised by [[Morgan Hasek-Davion]] in [[3029]] from Delta Company of [[the Davion Light Guard]] Guards under the command of Captain [[Andrew Redburn]], the survivors of the [[5th Syrtis Fusiliers]], and the [[Kathil CMM]]. Their formation was part of a last ditch effort to fending fend off a House Capellan's raid intended to cripple [[Kathil]]'s shipyards. Hasek-Davion direct Microwave broad dish to destroy one of the incoming dropships to even the odds. The unit took significate beatingheavy damage in the operation, fighting off where they faced elements of the [[Death Commandos]] & and the [[4th Tau Ceti Rangers]], but emerged victorious.<ref>'''Warrior: Coupé''' page 238-239 - House Liao forces arrive.</ref>
The unit sattles up almost Almost immediately after the battle , the Uhlans travelled to conduct a raid on [[Sian]] itself to extract the [[Justin Allard]], the spy whom leaked information to word who had warned of the impending attack on Kathil. Extracting both, [[Justin Besides picking up Allard]], the Uhlans also extracted [[Alexi Mallory]] and even [[Candace Liao]].
In [[3059]] they formed were part of [[Task Force Serpent]] and assaulted Clan world of [[Huntress]] in the following year.
After the heavy losses on [[Huntress]] the unit was dissolved in [[3062]] and most of it's its members joined the newly founded [[SLDF]]-[[1st Royal Battlemech Regiment]].
In 3060 the unit consisted of:
* 1 Mech-Regiment (reinforced to 4 Battalions[[Battalion]]s)
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