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Luxor Devastator-20: added fluff and refs
===<span id="Luxor Devastator-20">Luxor Devastator-20</span>===
Examples of the Luxor Devastator-20 gained a reputation that they were so prone to jamming on the early test models of the AXM-1N ''Axman'' that the designers ultimately came up with an alternate [[LRM-15]] armed AXM-2N variant.<ref name=TRO3050-152>''Technical Readout: 3050'', p. 152 "Inner Sphere - Heavy 'Mechs - AXM-1N Axman"</ref> <ref name=FSS-73>''First Somerset Strikers'', p. 73 "ComStar Technical Briefing - Inner Sphere BattleMechs - AXM-2N Axman"</ref> <ref name=BCTRoW-127>''BattleTech Compendium: The Rules of Warfare'', p. 127 "Technical Readout: AXM-2N Axman"</ref>
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|'''Manufactured on'''
| [[New Syrtis]]
| [[Johnston Industries]]
| [[Axman|AXM-1N ''Axman'']]| <ref name=TRO3050-152/> <ref name=TRO3050U-70>''Technical Readout: 3050 Upgrade'', p. 70, "Axman"</ref>
===<span id="Mydron A">Mydron A</span>===
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