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Xera Wolf

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A '''Xera Wolf''' is a 32nd Century [[trueborn ]] pilot of Clan Wolf's [[Ch'in (Bloodname)|Ch'in ]] blood house. She is a member of the [[Steel Wolves]] faction.
She as rank of As a [[Star Commander was ]], she took part of in the Steel Wolves expedition to ' [[Achernar3133]] in expedition to [[3133Achernar]]. She flew , flying air superiority missions against militia fighters as well providing air support to ground forces. After loss of her Star Commander, Laren Mehta , she fought a unaugmented battle for the rank of Star Captain and won. Later at rank of Star Colonel, commanding aerospace assets of the Steel Wolves, went with majority of her "Clan" from [[Galatea]] to maintain the integrity of Clan ways when Anastasia announced the Steel Wolves would become mercenaries.
She joined After the death of her commanding Officer, Laren [[Galaxy CommanderMehta (Bloodname)|Mehta]] , she won an unaugmented [[Varnoff FetladralTrial of Position]] as part for the rank of [[Star Captain]]. Xera later attained the rank of [[Star Colonel]], and command of the Aerospace assets of his the Steel Wolves.
Along with the majority of the Steel Wolves, Xera left [[Galatea]] when [[Anastasia Kerensky]] tried to turn them into mercenaries. Xera subsequently joined [[Galaxy Commander]] [[Varnoff Fetladral]]'s command.  In course of their campaign campaigns she began had to deal with Varnoff unhonorable Fetladral's dishonorable ways, and after . After unncovering ample evidence of Fetladral planning to 's intention of not honor honoring the outcome of his trial against Kerensky, she lead the ousting of Xera ousted him from the Steel Wolves. She became , becoming [[Galaxy Commander ]] and commander of the remain portions remnants of the "Clan" Steel Wolves faction.
Early in her career as Star Commander and later Star Captain during Steel Wolves the Achernar campaign on Achernar she was known to fly an ''[[Visigoth]]''.
As Star Colonel and later Galaxy Commander, she commanded a ''[[Titan]]'' Class Aerospace Carrier, the ''Roofvogel'' and used it as her [[Cluster]] flagship her cluster. In personal combat she piloted a ''[[Scytha]]'' [[OmniFighter]].