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4th Andurien Cavalry

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A Military The '''Fourth Andurien Cavalry''' are a unit which served the [[Duchy of Andurien]] during the post-[[Jihad era ]] and [[Dark Age]] eras.
They are primary a AntiPrimarily an anti-Pirate pirate force, with glorifed name, they were stationed on [[El Giza]] as par part of a larger effort to fight off piratesdefend against raiders. They can call for assistiance by and the [[2nd Andurien Guard|Second Andurien Guard]] stationed on [[Mosiro]] and via versaare able to provide each other with support if required.
The 4th fought the 1st Covenant Worlds Expeditionary Force in In June[[3137]], 3137 during the [[5th Andurien War|Andurien War against Oriente]].<ref>[[To Ride the Chimera]] pg. 186 - nickname revealed</ref> , the Fourth fought the [[1st Covenant Worlds Expeditionary Force]]. The unit dug in and fought the invaders using hit -and -run war, tactics instead of immediately falling back to regroup with their large larger sister unit on Mosiro. They were using  Striking from hidden bases, the Fourth exploited the planetary geography of El Giza, particularly its tall grasslands of planet and , hidden ravines to fight Expedition's heavier forces. Using hidden bases, they successfully harassed and the units instead ruins of fall back off planet ancient cities to Mosiro to join successfully harass the 2nd Andurien GuardCovenant Worlds Expeditionary Force. The unit In doing so, the Fourth bought time, being destroyed in piecemeal so its sister unit on Mosiro could be an extra week 's worth of preparation time for the Oriente forces. Using the ruins of ancient city's, the 4th pop in and out from various places in the plainsSecond Guard on Andurien.
Hit and Fade Tactics, intercepting fast enemy units.
The unit is a A Heavy Mixed Company, consisting of light, fast machines fitted out to fight raiders. The unit consists of include light & medium Battlemechs.  'Mech Forces* Light and Medium Mechs