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Beta Galaxy (Clan Ice Hellion)

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Beta Galaxy was frequeny targated frequently targeted by various clans Clans during the [[Harvest Wars]] and other constant Trials and attacks, leading to contstant attrition of its forces. The unit suffered large This was compounded by a loss of moral morale when its then leader, -commander [[SaKhansaKhan]] Sellen [[Cage (Bloodname)|Cage, ]] lost his [[Trial of Grievance]] against [[Khan]] [[Asa Taney]] in [[3065]]Low morale continued to be a problem in the Galaxy until 3067 when its new Commander, saKhan Conner [[Rood (Bloodname)|Rood]] actively worked to restore it.<ref>'''Field Manual: Update''' page 47 - Beta Galaxy status & brief history. saKhan Rood works worked with aide for two years to rebuild esprit de corp.</ref> The unit continues to sufferer moral issues up to 3067. The unit employs two of the Clan's [[Flurry Cluster|Flurry Clusters]].
As of [[3059]] the Commanding Officer was [[saKhan]] Sellen [[Cage (Bloodname)|Cage]]
As of [[3067]] the Commanding Officer was [[saKhan]] Conner [[Rood (Bloodname)|Rood]]
* [[121st Hellion Lancers (Clan Ice Hellion)|121st Hellion Lancers]]
* [[200th Attack (Clan Ice Hellion)|200th Attack]]
* 90th Striker Irregulars
* 121st Hellion Lancers
* 200th Attack
* Two [[Flurry Cluster|Flurry Clusters]]