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1st Ariana Fusiliers

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| parent formation = [[Chesterton Reserves]]
| formed = 2388
| year = [[3025]]
| unitname = 1st Ariana Fusiliers
The unit was formed Formed in [[2388]]from the remnants of the [[Chesterton Border Guard]], the '''First Ariana Fusiliers''' <ref>'''House Liao (The Capellan Confederation)- 1st Ariana Fusiliers profile</ref> from the remains of the [[Chesterton Border Guard]]. The unit has have been based for most of its history on in the [[Tikonov Prefecture|Tikonov Prefecture region]]. The unit has been has known to be a "Hard Luck" regiment due to for most of its tough battles and defeats against veteran forcesexistence.
==Notable Events==*It has a reputation as a "hard luck" [[2812regiment]] - 1st Ariana faced elements of due to having been involved in tough and losing battles against veteran enemy forces. Among these, in [[House Davion2812]] elite , they were involved in a disastrous engagement against elements of the [[Crucis Lancers]], which turned disastrous.
*In [[2832]] - The unit along with it sister regiment, the First lost a third of its [[2nd Ariana FusilersBattleMech]], battled against raiding s while repelling a raid staged by the [[2nd Ceti Hussars|Second Ceti Hussars]] while stationed on [[Tikonov]]. Due to bad leadership Although bolstered by the presence of its sister unit, the [[2nd Ariana Fusiliers|Second Ariana Fusiliers]], incompetence on the part of the First's junior officers, exposed the unit was exposed regiment to artillery fire & bombardment and aerospace fighter attack. Resulting in the destruction of one-third of regiment's BattleMechs being destroyed.
*The unit's First [[Battalion]] was again the victim of aerospace fighters in [[2912]] - 1st Battalion's was ravaged by , this time in the form of a surprise attack by from [[House Marik|MarikFree Worlds League]] Aerospace fighters forces while on [[Sirius]].
*During the [[2987Fourth Succession War]] - The unit , the First was part of hit in the defense First Wave on [[Algol]], losing two thirds of Tikonov when the Federated Suns forces launched series their 'Mechs<ref>'''Warrior: Riposte''' page 252 - Quintus reports that only Battalion of attacks1st Ariana managed get off Algol. The unit gave valient defence against them, earning all three Battalion commanders posthumous decorations</ref>. However the unit lost half of its personnel and equipment over the course On top of that, the raids. The unit salvaged Davion BattleMechsChancellor's son, such as [[Locust|LocustsTomano Liao]] and was captured by [[Maruader|MaraudersDavion]] BattleMechs to help it rebuiltforces<ref>'''Warrior: Riposte''' page 252-253 - Quintus reports the successful capture of Tormano Liao.</ref>.
*[[3002]] - Two days before ChristmasEven in victory, the unit fought a 14-hour battle in caverns against new Davion mercenary unit called [[Falkener's Hussars]]. The Hussars had been trying capture supplies in underground depot. The Fusilers defeated the Davion mercs, but took First Ariana tended to take heavy damage on some of its precious 'Mechslosses.
*In [[30282987]] - After , the initial first wave First repulsed a series of the [[Fourth Succession WarFederated Suns]], only battalion worth attacks on Tikonov in valiant fashion. Their defense of the unit managed world earned posthumous decorations for all three Battalion commanders, but cost them over fifty percent losses in material and personnel. They did manage to get off salvage some 'Mechs, including [[Locust]]s and [[AlgolMarauder]]s.<ref>'''Warrior: Riposte''' page 252 - Quintus reports that only Battalion of 1st Ariana managed get  The unit similarly drove off Algol.</ref> Chancellor[[Falkner's sonHussars]], a mercenary unit in Davion service in [[Tormano Liao3002]] was captured by Davion forces, with heavy losses in a fourteen-hour long battle fought in underground caverns.<ref>''The mercenaries'Warrior: Riposte''' page 252-253 - Quintus reports the successful capture of Tormano Liaoobjective were supplies in an underground depot.</ref>