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James Sandoval

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'''James Dassert Sandoval''' (13 March [[2994]]<ref name=FMBio /> - 4 March [[3066]]<ref name="FCCW179">''[[FedCom Civil War (sourcebook)]]'', p. 179, "Revelations"</ref><ref name=W39Bio>''Historical: War of 3039'', pp. 24-25, "Field Marshal Duke James Sandoval"</ref>) was a [[Federated Suns]] nobleman, [[MechWarrior (pilot)|MechWarrior]], and Minister of the [[Draconis March]].
He was the oldest son of Duke [[Aaron Sandoval]] and [[Jessica Danford]]. James had two younger brothers, David and Talbot, and two younger sisters, [[Jessica Sandoval|Jessica]] and [[Katheryn Sandoval]].<ref name=HDp181>''House Davion (The Federated Suns)'', p. 181</ref>