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Featured BattleTech: Added Mechs from free update & Heavy Metal DLC
*''[[Raven]]'' *
*''[[Flea]]'' *
*''[[Shadow Hawk]]''
*''[[Assasin]]'' *
*''[[Vulcan]]'' *
*''[[Phoenix Hawk]]'' *
*''[[Black Knight]]''
*''[[Archer]]'' *
*''[[Warhammer]]'' **
*''[[Marauder]]'' **
*''[[Rifleman]]'' *
*''[[Atlas II|Atlas II]]''
*''[[King Crab]]''
*''[[Bullshark]]'' *
Asterisk * - Denotes a Download Content-Only Mech. Note that while the UrbanMech made an appearance during the tutorial of the game, it did not appear under the control of the AI in single-player until the Urban Warfare DLC.
Also note that Warhammer and Marauder (denoted with double asterisk **) are added with free game update associated with Heavy Metal DLC.