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BattleTech: Heavy Metal Expansion Pack
==BattleTech: Heavy Metal Expansion Pack==
The name of the game's third planned expansion pack ''Heavy Metal'' was announced at the same time as the release date for ''Urban Warfare'' was announced with a Winter 2019 release date. With the announcement at [[Mech_Con 2018]] that the [[Unseen]] were intended to be included after ''Urban Warfare'', information released about ''Heavy Metal'' teases that the third expansion introduces a host of new 'Mechs including several Unseen as well as other surprises.[] PDXCon 2019 revealed that the expansion would be released on November 21st 2019 and include eight new 'Mechs - the ''[[Flea]]'', ''[[Assassin]]'', ''[[Phoenix Hawk]]'', ''[[Archer]]'', ''[[Rifleman]]'', ''[[Annihilator]]'' and a unique new original 'Mech developed by HBS, the ''[[BullsharkBull Shark]]''. Each 'Mech included a unique feature, with eight new weapon systems including [['Mech Mortar]]s and [[Inferno Missile]]s are slated to be included. The expansion will also include a new Flashpoint that includes an encounter with [[Wolf's Dragoons]], [[Natasha Kerensky]] and the [[Bounty Hunter]] as well as introducing official mod support.[]