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Bull Shark

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Build was shown during PDX-CON 2019 BattleTech Heavy Metal demo.
|name=Bull Shark
|production year=
|Tech Base = Inner Sphere
|mech type =BattleMech
|chassis=Unknown|armor=Standard|engine=Unknown|comsys=Unknown|T&T=Unknown|heat sinks=3x [[Double Heat Sink]]|speed=Unknown
|speed with MASC=
|speed with TSM=
|jumpjets=N/A|armament=1x [[Thumper Artillery Piece|Thumper Cannon]], 4x [[ER Medium Laser]], 2x [[UAC/5]], 2x [[LBX-10]]|BV (1.0)=Unknown|BV (2.0)=Unknown
==Weapons and Equipment==
The Bull Sharks's arsenal is very unusual; the main firepower comes through Thumper Artillery Piece (in game is named as Thumper Cannon) installed in nearly whole right torso, backed by four Extended Range Medium Lasers placed in both side torsos, along with Ultra Autocannon Class 5 and LB-10X, each in both arms, backed with two tons of ammo for LB-X, and four tons for UAC's. Three Double Heat Sinks (two in left torso and one in center torso) keeps the heat in check.
It is unknown, by which means the ammo is provided for the Thunder AP.
None variants are known so far.