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I'm back.
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=Well, here's me=
Raised in the golden age of RPGs, I was aware of [[BattleTech]] even before I started playing classic boardgame BattleTech and reading the novels in 1992, back in a time when I had plentiful of spare time as a conscript in the army (Luftwaffe actually). Not knowing anything about the game universe or the 'Mech designs, I randomly affiliated with [[House Liao]] because green is my favourite favorite color and chose the ''[[Archer]]'' as my 'Mech for the first training battles because I thought it had the best image (and two Doombud LRM-20 sounded badass - no idea what they were though). I did not know how it was different from a ''[[Stinger]]''... funny how I remember that after so many years.
As a subscriber to [[BattleCorps]] I have meanwhile got [[:Category:Works by Stephan A. Frabartolo|canonical BattleTech stories]] published there under the pen name [[Stephan A. Frabartolo]].
==Preferred Factions==
The preferrence for the [[Capellan Confederation]] stuck - I always liked to play the underdog, at least in games.<br>Roleplaying-wise, I also feel at home in the [[Oberon Confederation]] and the general Steiner/Kurita periphery area.<br>As for mercenaries, I have a soft spot for [[Hansen's Roughriders]] in particular from the days of the old boxed set; the [[Waco Rangers]] were probably my second favourite (favorite and I ''love'' how they were burned to usher in a new era on Outreach!).<br>If I were to name a favourite favorite Clan then it would be [[Clan Ghost Bear]], or perhaps [[Clan Snow Raven]] - because these two appear to be the least whacky. But I rarely venture beyond the [[Succession Wars era]] and thus don't really associate with the Clans at all. Their "honor"-bound mindset and self-defeating attitude offends me.
Since I picked up my BT hobby again around 2007 I have begun to complete my collection of BT books. Luckily, I don't collect miniatures or [[CCG]] cards as well, though I do possess a fair number of miniatures - my brother used to paint them.
Recently I have been acquiring lots of old BT books and game boxes via ebay, and the opportunity to purchase PDF files from the BattleShop was one I could not resist especially considering how strong the Euro was vs. the USD at the time. My collection of out-of-print BattleTech products is fairly amazing now (it is certainly amazing ''me''!), missing only a few ultra-rare bits and pieces such as the old TCI model kits with the enclosed scenarios. I'm not willing to spend a fortune on these though, so unless I manage a lucky find, someone else will have to compile BTW articles on them.
=What I am doing on the Wiki=
Being a general information spotter who has diligently collected and put together bits and pieces from various sources in the distant past when I GMed a BattleTech campaign made me an obvious victim to wikipedianism. I started adding bits and pieces here and there and I really would not say there is any specific favourite favorite area I am working on.
Doing a little research on my own work here, my first contributions ever (then as an unregistered IP) were made on 23 June 2007.
On the official BattleTech forums I quickly found myself in debates about what is canon and what is not, and have since become somewhat something of a Canon expert (to . To wit, while I feel I understand the official rulings on canonicity, all I can do is to apply them - I don't have any powers to decide what is canon and what is not). My thread on Canon (and in particular, the Line Developer's statements and answers) can be found [,586.msg8723.html#msg8723 here].
But at least I have played my part in hammering out our [[:Policy:Canon]], which I rewrote from the ground up following fruitful and inspiring discussions with [[user:Revanche |Revanche]] and [[user:Scaletail|Scaletail]], and I also essentially wrote the article on [[Canon]]. I must say I am quite proud of both of these articles.
==Fringe products==
I have acquired many foreign-language, apocryphal or rare BT products specifically to write up create articles on them here, because I think in-depth coverage on such rare or outlandish products is what really sets BTW apart and marks it as the premier one-stop online BT resource. Accordingly, I am fairly proud of the comprehensive coverage I produced on such topics, particularly
*''[[Atlas der Inneren Sphäre]]''
*''[[BattleTech: Die Welt des 31. Jahrhunderts]]
=My roleplaying group=
Besides boardgame 'Mech combat we did a lot of scifi roleplaying in the BT universe back in the time day and eventually played our own merc unit (with periphery bandit background), where I was largely the GM and not a playing member. The storyline of our RPG campaign kicked in around the year 2995. Our freelance merc unit made first contact with the Oberon pirates and agreed to work for them in the countless feuds that plagued the pirate-infested periphery. Ultimately, they became so powerful within the Oberon faction that they became feared and mistrusted; they were soon sent on increasingly hazardous missions and received less and less support until they decided to break away, stealing a number of heavy 'Mechs and a ''[[Leopard]]'' class DropShip in the process. This earned them the wrath of the Oberon pirate king.
After falling out with their erstwhile pirate lords, the unit's combat record shows mercenary contracts with Houses Steiner, Kurita and Marik who usually sent the unit on diversionary raids and (rarely) on objective raids or pirate hunting missions. They performed adequately (for mercs, i.e. poorly) in the defense of [[Suk II]] against a Kurita raid, where their heavy but slow 'Mechs were outmaneuvered by lighter Kurita units and they lost the ''[[Stalker]]'' which had been their payment for the job.