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Ki-Linn Liao

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Character History
'''Ki-Linn Liao''' (b. [[3115]]<ref name=ER3145>''Era Report: 3145'', p. 88, "Ki-Linn Liao profile"</ref> - d. ca. 3150<ref name="TRO:3150p152"/>) is the great-granddaughter of [[Kali Liao]] and revered by the [[Thuggees]] as a goddess.<ref name=ER3145></ref>
== Character History ==
Born on [[Highspire]], Ki-Linn was raised to believe in her own divinity through her Thuggee followers. She was unable to do much with her followers since her cousin, [[Chancellor]] [[Daoshen Liao]], kept her on a short leash.<ref name=ER3145></ref>