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Aaron Sandoval (30th c.)

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Early Life and Military Career
In the AFFS, he trained to become a tanker and was eventually assigned to the [[159th Galax Heavy Tank Regiment]] in [[2979]]. Aaron's perseverance and exceptional skills in armored vehicles led to his promotion to the rank of [[Sergeant Major]] where he would command a [[Partisan]] tank.
In [[2982]], Aaron would meet his future wife, a tank driver named Corporal Jessica Danforth. She hailed from a poor family from the world of [[Broken Wheel]]. She had been assigned to AaaronAaron's tank and they both fell in love. However, early regulations did not permit individuals having a relationship while serving in the same unit, so Jessica was reassigned to a different tank.
Later that year, the 159th was attached to the [[15th Avalon Hussars]]. The regiment was then on an offensive mission to the world of [[Rio]], to battle against the [[Capellan Confederation]]. During the battle, Jessica's tank was threatened by a Liao ''[[Marauder]]''. Seeing her in mortal danger, Aaron took his tank from its hiding spot and placed his tank in the path of the enemy BattleMech. He fired all its weaponry in hoping to distract the 'Mech from Jessica's tank. Most of his shots missed the target, however Aaron was successful in gaining the attention of the ''Marauder''. The 'Mech unloaded its arsenal into Aaron's tank, rendering his Tank into a wreckage.