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The original Bull Shark you salvage has Wolverine artwork / emblems on it (mentioned in dialog), and the 'SLDF' ship that it comes from is called the Dobrev (Wolverine Bloodname). I'll try to get the exact quote about the artwork before adding anything. [[User:Beast GTS|Beast GTS]] ([[User talk:Beast GTS|talk]])
"Interestingly, the insignia on the chassis pieces we found depicts a predatory Terran mammal. A Wolverine, if I'm not mistaken. A curious choice of heraldry to adorn a Battlemech named for a shark." --[[User:Beast GTS|Beast GTS]] ([[User talk:Beast GTS|talk]]) 02:09, 23 December 2019 (EST)
==Tech Base==
I think that it should be marked as a Mixed (IS), due to fact that I've attempted to build MSK variant for TT, yet it's impossible with the purely IS components. With Clan ones - seems to be more feasible. And making sense about Un-named Clan connection. [[User:ManganMan|ManganMan]] ([[User talk:ManganMan|talk]]) 07:07, 8 December 2019 (EST)
:The [[Pulverizer]], [[Stag]] and [[Mercury II]] all use Star League tech. It is a major plot point in [[Betrayal of Ideals]] that the wolverines started BattleMech research two years prior to their annihilation. The Wolverines tech (and Clan tech in general) had not had enough time to develop enough to be considered a different tech base. We know they have an [[Enhanced ER PPC]], possibly one or two other components.--[[User:Dmon|Dmon]] ([[User talk:Dmon|talk]]) 08:34, 8 December 2019 (EST)