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The [[Inner Sphere]] with a combination of Operations Bulldog and Serpent annihilated the Smoke Jaguar Clan and seized their Homeworld. This included the systematic destruction of every war-making industry, military base, and any monuments to the achievements of the Smoke Jaguar Clan. After the [[Great Refusal]] was won, the Inner Sphere held the Homeworld as a permanent outpost in Clan Space, where a [[Star League]] ambassador was stationed. <ref>''Prince of Havoc'', pp. 135-152</ref>
However, the star League enclave was ==Wars of Posession==Several Clans raided and gradually taken by other clans. Some wanted the planet's resources, others only with the goal to obtain the [[ProtoMech]] technology. The Abysmal continent was , but only five of them taken sections of him: the first to be taken by clan was [[Clan Goliath Scorpion in 3060]], who after a trial take the 'Mechs factory of Abysmal continent and its environs, and later all the continent, in part to keeping until 3067. [[Clan Jade Falcon]] eventually take control a of half continent of Jaguar Prime, including the cities of New Andery and Bagera, [[Clan Fire Mandrill]] [[Kindraa Mattilda-Carrol]] take Pahn City and its environs, [[WarhawkClan Star Adder]] omnimech factorythe nearby city of Myers, keeping until 3067[[Clan Ice Hellion]] the Warrior path peninsula, and other areas, later by clan [[Coyote]].<ref>''Wars of Reaving'', p. 248 - ''Political Balance Table: 3075''</ref> Finally, the SLDF enclave was reduced to Lootera and its environs, keeping it until they were forced to abandon the planet at the beginning of the [[Jihad]].<ref>''The Clans: Warriors of Kerensky'' p. 27</ref>
==Military Deployment==