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Trillian Steiner-Davion

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<references />
*[[Blood of the Isle]] - first appearance
*[[Sword of Sedition]]
*[[Fortress Republic (novel)|Fortress Republic]]
*[[Fire at Will]] - first featured appearance
*[[The Last Charge]]
*[[Blood of the Isle|MWDA Novel: Blood of the Isle]] - First Appearance
*[[Sword of Sedition|MWDA Novel: Sword of Sedition]]
*[[Fortress Republic (novel)|MWDA Novel: Fortress Republic]]
*[[Fire at Will|MWDA Novel: Fire At Will]] - First featured Appearance
*[[The Last Charge|MWDA Novel: The Last Charge]]
[[Category:Characters|Steiner, Roderick]]
[[Category:House Steiner Characters]]
[[Category:Dark Age]]