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Aaron Sandoval (30th c.)

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Character History
A man with several decades behind him, Duke Sandoval has yielded few of his youthful features to his advanced age. Few wrinkles crease his face and his hair has retained its natural brown color. Sandoval still styles his hair in a "top knot" fashion (the traditional 'do' of the Sandoval family). Early in his military career, Duke Sandoval lost both of his legs in battle. Despite this disability, Duke Sandoval has a perfect bill of health.
==Character History==
===Early Life and Military Career===
Born at Castle Sandoval on Robinson, he is the third son of Duke Benjamin Sandoval. During his childhood and early teenage years, Aaron endured his father's harsh disciplinary and over-bearing moralistic ways. Aaron grew at odds with his upbringing and ran away to join the [[Armed Forces of the Federated Suns]] at the tender age of 16 under an assumed identity.