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Jessica Danforth

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| children = [[James Sandoval]]<br/>[[David Sandoval (31st c.)|David Sandoval]]<br/>[[Talbot Sandoval]]<br/>[[Jessica Sandoval]]<ref name=HDp182/>
'''Jennifer CampbellJessica Danforth''' was the wife of [[First Prince]] [[Andrew DavionAaron Sandoval (30th c.)|Aaron Sandoval]] and mother to two at least four of his three children, [[Ian Davion|Ian]] and [[Hanse Davion|Hanse]].
Jessica hailed from a poor family from the world of [[Broken Wheel]].<ref name=HDp182/>
===The Young Duke===
In [[2982]], Corporal Danforth would meet her future husband, a tank commander named [[Aaron Sandoval (30th c.)|Aaron Sandoval]]. She had been assigned to Aaron's tank and they both fell in love. However, early regulations did not permit individuals having a relationship while serving in the same unit, so Jessica was reassigned to a different tank.<ref name=HDp182/>
* ''[[House Davion (The Federated Suns)]]''
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