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Benjamin Sandoval

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| children = [[Aaron Sandoval (30th c.)|Aaron Sandoval]]<br/>[[Valentine Sandoval]]
 '''Benjamin Sandoval''' was a [[thirtieth century|Late thirtieth century]] [[Federated Suns|Federated Suns']] [[Duke of [[Robinson]] and [[Field Marshal]] of the [[Draconis March]].
The Duke was strict disciplinarian and moralist, who was harsh on his sons. His youngest son, [[Aaron Sandoval|Aaron]], ran away after he turned sixteen. The years after Aaron had disappeared was a difficult period for the Duke, as his oldest sons died in a [[DropShip]] accident, leaving him without an heir. Benjamin tried in vain to search for his young son.<ref name=HDp182/>
By chance in [[2982]], news media report covered the events of Capellan invasion of [[Rio]]. In a [[holovid]] program, the highlights of the battle included the heroic stand of a tank against a Liao ''[[Marauder]]''. The Master Sergeant in command of the tank strongly resembled his son, Aaron. Using his resources, Benjamin Sandoval soon discovered the Tank Sergeant was indeed his son, and he had been seriously injured saving woman he loved. He soon brought him back to Robinson along with his lover, Jessica Danforth.
After his son awoke from his coma, Benjamin and Aaron patched up their differences. Aaron and Jessica were soon were married.  ===Death===Shortly after the birth of his first grandson [[James Sandoval|James]] in [[2994]], Benjamin past away. <ref>''House Davion (The Federated Suns)'' - "Personalities section, Aaron Sandoval personal profile"<name=HDp182/ref>
==Titles and Positions==