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Edward Regis

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Family: FedCom Civil War doesn't say Regis himself was angry about the purges. It says he had lost the trust of those around and under him.
Although it was said that Regis was uncomfortable approaching women,<ref name=HS:TLCp156/> it is apparent that at some point during his career, he married, and had at least one child. [[William Regis]] reached the rank of [[Hauptmann General]] in the AFFC before he resigned in the 3040s due to because many of his anger over fellow officers felt that he was a Davion puppet after his role in what he they saw as political purges of Lyran nationalists from the new army.<ref name=FCCW13-A-2>''FedCom Civil War (sourcebook)'', p. 13, "Adversity...", William Regis resigns from the new AFFC</ref> Regis' nephew, [[Richard Regis II]], would rise to the command of his uncle's former unit, the Second Royal Guards, during the [[Clan Invasion Era]], holding the rank of [[Marshal (rank)|Marshal]] in the AFFC and later [[Leutnant-General]] in the [[Lyran Alliance Armed Forces]]. The younger Regis was a staunch Lyran nationalist who supported [[Katherine Steiner-Davion]] without question, though he remained at his post when [[Peter Steiner-Davion]] came to power.<ref>''Field Manual: Lyran Alliance'', p. 97, "Officers", Richard Regis II is the nephew of Edward Regis</ref> Members of the Regis family would continue to serve House Steiner with distinction well into the [[Dark Age]] era.
==Personality and Traits==