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In [[3025]] after three years in hiding, Lady Kamea emerged as the leader of the [[Arano Restoration]] movement. This caused a civil war between the Restoration and state forces for control of the Reach, beginning with the liberation of Weldry.<ref name=BTVG/> As the Arano Restoration was closing in on the Directorate forces, Santiago covertly instigated the [[Perdition Massacre]] to gain the cooperation of the [[Taurian Concordat]] to attack the Restoration. Santiago finally conceded to Kamea's forces and gave the throne to her. Victoria on the other hand chose to fight her cousin on Coromodir one last time. With the death of Victoria and the capture of Santiago, the Aurigan Directorate ceased to exist.
Kamea Arano had the help of one particular mercenary company whose commander was once part of the Aurigan Royal Guard, and as a youth was taught in the ways of the BattleMech by Kamea's mentor, [[Raju_Montgomery|Raju "Mastiff" Montgomery]]. This commander and their company would be involved in several key battles and would come to command the ''[[Argo]]'', a large Star League era civilian spacecraft resurrected by an engineering team under Dr. [[Farah Murad]].<ref name=BTVG/>
== Politics ==