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Tamar was under attack by forces from the Draconis Combine in [[3022]], and the [[LCAF]] deployed additional units to reinforce the weak defense forces on the planet. Among these additional units was the mercenary unit [[Snord's Irregulars]]. The Irregulars' initial deployment went poorly, with the irregulars being dropped into the heart of Vrance, several kilometers away from their planned drop zone. At the time, Vrance was under the control of Combine forces headed by General [[Askam]], but [[Cranston Snord]] used various unorthodox tactics to capture and then hold the city. Aksam Askam was impressed enough with the Irregulars performance to attempt to sway them to the Combine's service, offering a contract paying twice what the Commonwealth was paying the Irregulars, but balked when Snord's contract demands included being allowed to select his own targets "for collecting purposes". Askam attempted to counter the demand by offering more money, but negotiations ended when [[Archon]] [[Katrina Steiner]] announced that she would be increasing the Irregulars base pay.<ref name=CSI6>''Cranston Snord's Irregulars'', p. 6</ref>
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