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Jonathan Cameron

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The decline of relations between the Inner Sphere and the Periphery began under his reign with Star League investments and punitive taxes imposed on the territorial states in order to fund this military expansion.
Jonathan became increasingly distracted from day to day affairs, refusing to authorise authorize SLDF defensive actions to curb the [[Second Hidden War]] that broke out in 2725. SLDF Commanding General [[Ikolor Fredasa]] approached Jonathan's sister [[Jocasta Cameron]] in an attempt to replace him but she revealed the prospective coup. Simultaneously a civil war broke out within the Free Worlds League, but Jonathan once again declined to intervene.
Nonetheless, the coup convinced Jonathan to accept Jocasta's advice and he appointed [[Rebecca Fetladral]] as the new commanding general and authorised authorized the SLDF to intervene in the Second Hidden War. This was too late to save the First Prince, [[Joseph Davion]], who was killed on [[Royal]] before the [[160th BattleMech Division]] could arrive.
Jonathan offered to stand down in favour favor of Jocasta, who declined as she was a cloistered nun. She remained his advisor and effective co-ruler while [[Simon Cameron]] became Director-General in 2734. Within a year, Jocasta was First Lord in all but name with Jonathan's health declining and his remaining years devoted to funding hospitals and overseeing humanitarian work. He died in 2738.
==Titles and Positions==